Protect your eyes like you protect your skin!

Sunglasses are crucial to protecting your vision. Polarized lenses reduce glare while making it more comfortable to see when in the sun or snow.  DID YOU KNOW - They can even reduce wrinkles! They simply reduce the need to squint! Glare is caused when light from the sun is reflected off of water, or any solid surface. Polarized lenses help all of this.  Once you have a pair of HOOK Optics polarized sunglasses you can't live without them. Learn more or order Hook Optics online at 


HOOK Optics - Made for you by us!

We need to be confident in the frames we sell to you so after 20 years of supporting big name brands we have taken matters into our own hands and created HOOK Optics!  A brand you can trust. Vision Without Limits are words we live by to make our dreams come true! You should too!

Our mold injected frames are made in Italy. They are super light-weight and durable. We researched and custom colored our ZEISS lens for the best performance on the water.  All styles can be made with your prescription.

Follow HOOK Optics both on Instagram and and Facebook. We have created a HOOk Optics Adventures page for you to post and share your own photos as well.

Hook Optic is becoming known world wide and available in DUBAI, COSTA RICA, CABO SAN LUCAS, MEXICO, PUERTO RICO and at other retailers here in the USA!


We remain an authorized dealer for Costa, Smith, Wiley X and more. No matter what brand you choose An Optical Galleria has a perfect pair of sunglasses for you.

Wiley X - 100% ANSI safety eyewear!

Made for our Military-Wiley X produces 100% ANSI safety eyewear and is worn by and distributed to our soldiers.

Contact us today or simply stop by any of our locations nearest you. We will give you options and help you choose the right frame for you. An Optical Galleria is conveniently located in Centreville, Ocean City & Easton, Maryland. Thanks for seeing us for all your eyewear needs.