About Us

An Optical Galleria—The Place to See & Be Seen

An Optical Galleria is a locally owned and family-operated business with locations in Centreville, West Ocean City & Easton, Maryland.

Why An Optical Galleria?

Bob and NikiBob and Niki Pino married their passions of vision care and art, and An Optical Galleria was born.

Bob, an Optician for over 39 years, began his career at 16 years old, working for independent opticians in Washington, DC, and Annapolis, Maryland, and then as an eyewear sales consultant. Bob’s many years of experience has made him the outstanding Optician he is today. He problem solves and creates one-of-a-kind custom eyewear that other Opticians wouldn’t even consider making. Bob’s extensive knowledge continues to win awards but, most of all, he helps people look good, feel great, and see clearly out of an awesome pair of glasses that he made.

Niki graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and worked in the corporate world until she decided to start her own company ABNC Design while raising her boys. Niki designed campaigns, books, posters, newsletters, and logos for corporate and start-up businesses for many years. Today, she solely manages the business, marketing, and advertising side of An Optical Galleria, while pursuing her passion for creating unique and inspiring works of art.

Together, Bob and Niki merged their expertise and named it An Optical Galleria. Both live life creatively, work hard, serve the community, and continue to follow their dreams.

This is Us—Fishing Inspired Our Ocean City Shop!

Captain Anthony on BoatAfter opening An Optical Galleria in Centreville in 2002, Bob and Niki continued to spend a great deal of time in Ocean City with their two sons, Anthony and Christopher. While there, they saw the need for quality eyewear, prescription sunglasses, as well as the repair, and replacement of lost glasses. Since Chris was becoming a great optician and following in Bob’s footsteps, they decided to take a chance to fill a void in OC.

Fishing is probably what truly inspired the Pino family to open a second location in West Ocean City. If they weren’t there fishing all summer, they would have never noticed the need for glasses in an hour, and a better quality of lenses, frames, and styles. More so, they wanted to provide friends with a convenient place to get their glasses repaired and a place they could trust to make a great pair of polarized prescription sunglasses. Yes, those prescription Costa 580 lenses really do help you find those fish!

Chris Zip-lining in Costa RicaMany thanks to the fishing community for supporting An Optical Galleria, and telling all their friends! The Pino Family is truly grateful.

Chris Pino is Niki’s and Bob’s youngest son and is the Optician and Manager of the West Ocean City Store.

After attending the University of New Orleans, Chris began to follow suit in the optical world. Bob quickly became his educator and has taught him the craft of the trade. After Chris gained extensive knowledge, the Pino family decided adding a second location would fill a void for hand-crafted quality eyewear in West Ocean City.

Four years later, Chris continues to operate the Ocean City location while studying marine engineering and fishing in any spare time.

Anthony Pino, Niki’s and Bob’s oldest son, is captain of the Blood Money Sport Fishing Boat, Owner of Marine Finishing Solutions and Product Tester for An Optical Galleria.

Golden Anchor AwardFor his ophthalmic glasses, the family scouts rigid, lasting frame manufacturers that Anthony can’t destroy. They purchase them, then make up a pair for Anthony to see how long those frames can stand up against him. If those frames can withstand his test of time, they know that particular line of frames will truly hold for you!

All products are quality tested at An Optical Galleria before dispensing them to you. If the Pinos don’t like them, they won’t sell them to you.

The Pino family is excited to announce the opening of their 3rd location in Downtown Easton!  They couldn’t be more happy to be a part of another great community. Niki and Bob launched this location on a whim due to the last minute notice and longevity of a construction project in the Town of Centreville. They wanted to provide a place to make it more convenient for patients to continue to see them. In just a few months Easton was born! It is another cross over between eyewear and art their Easton store style features a hand painted mural and a hand blow glass chandelier that Niki custom designed for the store. An Optical Galleria is now a retailer for Arte Murano Hand Blown Glass factory located in Murano, Italy. An Optical Galleria is a continues to very unique optical experience. Dare to be Different? They do and they love helping you!

Contact us today The best way to learn more about this unique family-owned, eye care practice is to simply stop in to any of their 3 locations to SEE for yourself. It is truly their pleasure to serve you.