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Meet Kono, Our Shopkeeper

Akita Kono in GlassesKono is a rescue through Akita Rescue Mid-Atlantic Region(ARMAC) and the most well-balanced dog on the planet! Kono minds the Ocean City shop and goes to work with Chris daily. In the summertime, he is a celebrity at Sunset Marina and can be spotted on the docks with Anthony. He loves meeting new friends and being told how handsome he is.

Kono, short for Mikono, is one of the lucky ones. ARMAC works tireless saving Akitas. They are always in need of funds for vet bills and boarding, collars, crates—you name it;
they need your help. The Pino family has been involved with ARMAC and rescuing Akitas since 1993.

If you have a few extra dollars to donate, please visit the Akita Rescue Mid-Atlantic, Inc. (ARMAC) website to support Our Cause.

Kono the Rescued Akita with Child

Why Rescue?

Each and every dog the Pinos have rescued or fostered all have been extremely different in their own unique ways. The Pinos found that rescue dogs are forever grateful despite the unnecessary torment people put them through. Akitas, in general, are a very loyal breed—placid in the house, for the most part—but need to run a few times a day.

This breed or rescuing dogs isn't for everyone, but once you learn about them, love them, care for them, and set boundaries—while all learning to adapt to each other’s way of life—there is no going back.

Visit the ARMAC website for additional information. Click on any of the above photos to go directly to their site. You can follow them on Facebook for real-time posts.

Donations are needed, spent wisely, and very much appreciated.

Contact us today to learn more about how you can help with Akita rescue. We proudly serve customers from Centreville and Ocean City, Maryland, as well as the surrounding areas.